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Griffin-Owens Insurance Specialists

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Insurance Check-Up

An insurance checkup is an easy way to save money while ensuring you have the right amount of coverage for you.

These guidelines will help you make sure you’re asking the right questions when reviewing your policy with your local Rockingham Insurance agent.

When is it time for an insurance checkup?

Any time you experience a significant life change is an excellent time to complete an insurance checkup. Major life events such as getting married, entering retirement, becoming a parent, buying a home, or moving to a new state can affect your home and auto insurance rates.


Home upgrades, such as a kitchen remodel or a room addition, can increase your home’s value, thus increasing the amount it will cost to have your home replaced. You should conduct an insurance checkup to ensure your home policy covers the new and increased value of your home.

The opposite is also true. If you’ve downsized your home or your home value has decreased, you may be over-insured. An insurance checkup can help you make sure you have the exact amount of coverage you need, saving you money in the long run.


Adding a vehicle to your auto insurance policy is a perfect time to get an insurance checkup, especially when you have a new teen driver who you want to keep safe. Ask your local Rockingham Insurance agent about our good student discount that could increase your savings by 5%.

What should you review during an insurance checkup?

Check Your Deductible

If you currently have a $100 or $250 deductible, consider increasing it. By switching to a $500 or $1,000 deductible, you’re sending a signal to the insurer you are willing to spend more of your own money when small things happen. Rockingham Insurance policyholders save up to 35% by increasing their deductible. Without a claim, higher deductibles add up to more money in your pocket!

Check Your Discounts

Bundling multiple policies with the same insurance company can save you money. At Rockingham Insurance, our bundling discount is one of the many ways we help reduce your insurance costs. If Rockingham is your insurance provider for both home and auto, you will qualify for our bundling discount.

Rockingham Insurance offers a host of discounts for our home, auto, farm, and business policies. Contact your local Rockingham Insurance agent to find out which discounts you are eligible for.

Check your Policy Coverage

Conducting an insurance checkup is the perfect time to get specific and ask your local Rockingham agent what your policy does and does not cover. Your agent can provide coverage recommendations based on your particular needs, such as supplementing your insurance with our umbrella insurance policy or increasing the deductible on your home policy.

Rockingham Insurance is here to help you get the right coverage you need. Start a conversation with your local Rockingham agent to determine if it’s time to modify your coverage. Together, you can evaluate which coverage is best for you.

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