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Insurtech Groups, LLC

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Griffin-Owens Insurance Specialists

847 Station Street, Herndon, VA 20170
(703) 471-0050


Ten Affordable Ways to Winterize Your Home

As temperatures cool down and heating bills begin to rise, it’s no surprise winter is coming. These tips will help you winterize your home to ensure a warm, safe house this winter.

Clean Gutters

  • Check to make sure water flows freely through the gutters to prevent freezing and icicles from forming.
  • Cost: FREE

Flush Water Heater

  • The different buildup can collect at the bottom of your water heater. To ensure the unit’s efficiency, flush the water through the drain valve to keep the heater functioning at its best.
  • Cost: FREE

Install Draft Guards

  • Heat tends to escape under the door in drafty rooms. To prevent this from happening, place draft guards under the door to prevent heat loss (and save some energy).
  • Cost: $10-$20

Replace Filters

  • Scheduling a time for a regular change in your filter system will significantly improve its efficiency. Changing the filters is recommended to be every three months, but more often throughout the wintertime at once every one to two months.
  • Cost: $20-$40 for a pack of filters

Program Your Thermostat

  • For every degree you lower your thermostat to, you can save an average of 1% off of your home’s energy bill. When using a programmable thermostat, it’s best to lower your temperature when fewer people are home.

Chimney Inspection

  • Thousands of fires originate on an annual basis through improperly cleaned chimneys. A certified chimney sweep can confirm your chimney’s structure and remove any debris that may cause a fire to start. The Chimney Safety Institute of America maintains a list of certified chimney sweeps.
  • If you choose not to use your chimney, it can be a huge source of heat loss. If it’s not active, plug it up with a chimney balloon to prevent heat from escaping.

Caulking Gaps

  • If you feel extra drafts coming from windows and doors, you can easily caulk those spaces to save some energy and heat this winter.
  • Cost: $10 for a caulk gun, $5 for a tube of caulk

Weatherstrip Tape

  • An alternative (and less permanent) method to caulking could be adding weather-strip tape to the edges of doors and windows.
  • Cost: $5 – $10 per roll

Clockwise Ceiling Fans

  • Switch your ceiling fans move in a clockwise motion to have warm air being pushed from the ceiling down to the floor.
  • Cost: FREE

Have your HVAC system inspected

  • Hiring a professional to inspect heating ducts could save you in the long run. Sometimes, heated air can escape from the ducts before it ever makes it to your vents, costing you some money by the time spring comes. A professional will see if there are any leaks in your air duct system and assist you with sealing them.
  • Cost: Depends on Professional

Winterizing your home is easy when you plan. Contact a local Rockingham Insurance agent today to learn more about how to protect your home this winter.

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